B1051 "Corregidor" Professional Oblong VIolin Case

This Hill Style oblong violin case is a very luxurious case created to satisfy even the most discriminating collector and player. Built using a five layered plywood case construction in the continental oblong shape with full French fitted interior, the B1051 violin case is covered with a durable nylon canvas zippered cover and outside music pocket.
The B1051 has been redesigned on a slant to increase shock protection and allow for more interior storage. you will also notice the attention to the finished detail including our four unique patented bow holder design mechanisms. This is what makes this case comparable to the most elegant European cases. Black canvas exterior with brass fittings. includes shoulder strap, hygrometer, humistat and instrument blanket.

    Available Sizes with Dimensions and Weight:
  1. 4/4: 5" thick, 31" long, 9.5" wide (8lbs)